Viewed – 30 Jan 2010  Blu-ray

Beyonce Knowles, whilst being one of the more talented singers currently around, has only briefly flirted with acting, with appearances in Austin Powers: Goldmember and Dreamgirls.  Yet this entry in her CV has her in a psychological thriller, playing the happy, stay at home mom to her career husband (Idris Elba), who catches the eye of a rather unhinged blonde hottie in the office.  Ali Larter (from Heroes amongst other credits) is the predatory newby at the company who sets her sights on married man Derrick, determined to seduce him regardless of whether he wants it or not.

Now I know, this is a premise that has been done to death, most famously with Michael Douglas / Glen Close classic Fatal Attraction, and although this offers nothing new (and lacks much of the depth of that movie), makes for entertaining viewing despite its obvious predictability, mainly because of a feisty Ali Larter who plays the nut job stalker to perfection, and without wanting to spoil things, an otherwise under-used Beyonce gets to show not only her acting skill but also her physical ability in a wonderfully over the top bitch fight.  So as a vehicle for Beyonce it remains mildly successful, as anything particularly imaginative, it doesn’t even try – but this still does the formula well, no matter how many times you may have seen it in other movies.

Verdict:  3 /5

Heroes – Season Two

The post man delivered today the eagerly anticipated Season 2 box set of my current favourite TV show Heroes.  I loved the last series, and although this one isn’t regarded as quite as good – more of this quality show is good enough for me. 

Heroes Season Two

I pre-ordered the box set from HMV, and as a bonus also recieved an exclusive art booklet.  Nice!