Hey readers and even people who just stumble by this blog on their way to another one … I just reached 300 followers.  That makes me so happy!!  I love writing and I love sharing my opinion … so I’m sure you can imagine when there are people out there that actually take the time to read anything I post, it adds so much to my hobby I can hardly put it into words.  Thank you again to all those that have stuck with me since 2007 (jeez…) and those that only pass by once in a while, or to those new readers who may like something I’ve wrote.  You’re all valued and appreciated and I hope sincerely you stop by often.  I will continue to post reviews and opinions and look forward to your comments, likes and general interest.

Thanks again.


Sucker Punch trailer

If ever a movie was a boys own fantasy, then this is it – the new film from Zack Snyder, creator of the remake of Dawn Of The Dead, the adaptation of Watchmen and the gay testosterone fantasy that is 300.  Ok, I haven’t seen 300, but thats how it looks to me.