Small changes and self-therapy

I was recently watching a YouTube video on a particular method of over-coming or lowering the effects of depression by female journalist, gamer and games-journalist Julia Hardy; someone I’ve enjoyed the videos of and also feel talks a lot of sense.  You can find the actual video I watched below:

It got me thinking about some of the things I do in life that don’t exactly enhance or better how I felt about myself and my life as whole but are simply addictions or habits I’ve fallen into just because it’s the society norm to do so.  One such thing is ‘social media’ and platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  Both have their uses and places in our modern society, but are also places that can paint a very artificial and heightened version of reality that isn’t entirely ‘real’ and can create images of other people’s lives that can be detrimental to how I might view my own, be it on a conscious or sub-conscious level.  So I took the advise of this video and chose to stay away from all forms of social media for 24 hours.  The results?  It felt a little cold-turkey, as I still wanted to check my phone but struggled (yet succeeded) in not doing so.  Finding more interest in other activities like watching a movie or playing a video game and being able to focus better on said activities whereas normally I’d be checking my Facebook or Twitter every couple of minutes.  I had previously realised but more so with this little experiment that I had become rather obsessed with checking these apps even when there was nothing new to look at.  Browsing through them with little or no interest in what I was looking at, but having to look at it any way.  So I’m going to attempt to take longer breaks between looking at social media…posting far less on them or interacting with them.  Enjoying what they have to offer in a more controlled, less addicted way.  Well that’s at least the theory.

I’ve said before on this blog that I do to an extent suffer from depression.  It’s been hard to really understand myself but a general feeling of ‘disconnect’ and feeling ‘lost’ amongst the people around me is a contributing factor, unable to always ‘engage’ or feeling like I’m putting an ‘act’ on sometimes.  I thoroughly enjoy my job, my friends, work colleagues and family, but also sometimes feel completely out of place.  It’s a very inward feeling and has little to do with anyone in particular.  That might be a common theme amongst those with anxiety and depression, even though I’ve never been officially diagnosed (for me that would make it too much of a ‘thing’).  Sometime last year I realised that the only way to feel happy is to take more control of my life, not be afraid to do things (although I’m still like that) and motivate myself to buy that thing, go to that place and enjoy that activity, even if it’s by myself.  I realise I do a great deal of the things I enjoy solitary, and that can get me down but it’s also a frame of mind and trying to accept that and enjoy one’s solidarity can be liberating, whilst also probably realising that joining in and being a part of someone else’s activity is just as important.  One of the reasons I tend to involve myself in work’s nights outs or activities with friends, as infrequently as these things crop up – I feel it’s something I need to do otherwise it’s always just me.

I’ll continue to watch videos like the one above for some self-help and hope to experience a different, less introverted way of thinking.  It’s probably always going to be an on-going issue for me, but one I’m determined to explore more and understand.


Nintendo Switch launch

Nintendo Switch

I can’t let today pass by without remarking on the release of Nintendo’s brand new console – Nintendo Switch.  I’ve had my eye on this ever since it was announced, and it’s come as a bit of a surprise just how interesting and clever an idea Nintendo has come up with.  Firstly, Nintendo have for many years ruled the handheld market … that cannot be contested.  The 3DS flew off the shelves and it’s various iterations – even in the advent of increasingly powerful mobile phone technology.  However on the home console front, they’ve been failing for a while even after the huge success of the Wii.  Yet now here comes a console that offers the best of both worlds and will attract both types of gamers; those that want to have their gaming on-the-go (I hate that term) and those that prefer the comfort of their sofa and a big screen TV.  Never before has a console offered both and offered it so seamlessly, as the video below will attest:

SwitchI won’t go into detail too much on the various things the Switch can do…I’m sure if you’re at all interested you’ll have read up on the machine already.  What I can give you though is my thoughts on why this is an exciting games system and why Nintendo are luring me back, despite my reservations in the past with Nintendo’s consoles (I had a GameCube, a Wii and a Nintendo DS back in the day).  It has a feel from what I’ve seen and read of a great secondary console.  It’s not rubbing shoulders with Xbox or PlayStation (something Nintendo has avoided for years) and has it’s own identity.  Plus I’ve really missed Nintendo’s game design.  Nothing on a PS4 or XB1 plays quite like Mario or Zelda.  There is a unique and stylish charm to their characters, and yes I have sometimes even looked to the ill-fated Wii U with jealousy because it still had those games.  However that machine had little to separate it from the Wii, whose motion-control gimmick faded with time and so it was clear Nintendo had to revise it’s approach to console design.  Therefore I’d say the Switch has delivered sort of a ‘best of Nintendo’ this time around in a well-designed and attractive package.  Only time will tell if the games can live up to the machine’s potential, if 3rd party publishers support it the way they do Sony & Microsoft.


I hope to get one at some stage myself and will report more on the machine when I’ve actually spent some time with it.  Until that day comes let’s send congratulations to Nintendo on the launch of their new console and wish them plenty of success in the future.  I think it’s their turn, don’t you?

Nintendo Switch – my thoughts


Well earlier in the week, Nintendo dropped a bombshell with the reveal of their next console … formerly known as the Nintendo NX, now named Nintendo Switch … a great name and I’d say a great concept.  Give the video below a quick look…

I love the idea that it’s both a home console you hook up to your HDTV and also a portable console, seamlessly transforming just from removing the device from it’s docking station and going wherever to continue your gaming.  How the control pad transforms allowing the user to remove the two ‘joy-cons’ and then attach them to the portable version.  Very clever and something I could easily see myself utilising, for times someone either wants the TV I’m using or I simply want to sit elsewhere and carry on with my game.  From the video things I can’t see taking off is the two-player bits where people use those tiny controllers and game on the same screen … er no, Nintendo nobody’s going to be doing that.  Also unconfirmed reveals of ‘The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ and ‘NBA 2K17’ running on the system, is a slight concern despite both games being shown in the video – why is 2K and Bethesda being so cagey??  Also that footage of ‘Mario’ looks worrying like a run-into-the-screen mobile game and not necessarily the Mario 64 successor some people are hyping it to be.  Yet I don’t think anyone can dismiss how good the new ‘Zelda’ looks.

Questions still remain though.  We have no price as of yet.  We don’t really have any confirmed games other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and well, is that a touch-screen?  I’m guessing it will be.  Third party support has been confirmed as having all the big publishers like Activision and EA (see below), which could mean the usual drought of games for a Nintendo system may not be a concern this time … only time will tell.


For now I’m optimistically excited for what Nintendo reveal next and the initial reveal of the system has me waning a Nintendo system again.  So they’re doing something right.