My Best Friend’s Exorcism

Viewed – 12 October 2022 Amazon Prime

I went into this hoping for a fun 80s throwback horror like I grew up watching when first getting into horror. The concept is an appealing one. A nerdy girl begins to think her hot best friend may be possessed after a night at a drunken party summons a demon.

This did make me think of Megan Fox horror Jennifer’s Body. However with the casting of relative unknowns, the first mistake this makes is weak clichéd characters and only passable acting. Secondly for a demonic possession movie, teen comedy or not this is very watered down and tame. The horror aspects are not for a minute scary either. Even the effects work is poor (a vomit scene, obviously a nod to The Exorcist is just laughable).

For a movie set in the 80s, apart from the music and some posters, it fails to ever feel or look particularly 80s. Really, when I think the horrors I grew up on, this was just embarrassing.

Verdict: Avoid

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