Viewed – 19 August 2022 Disney+

I’ve always been a fan of the original Predator, and also consider Predator 2 a decent sequel. However I haven’t bothered with any of the other movies. Yet I had been hearing good things about this movie so thought I’d give it a watch. In the early 17th century, a tribe of Native Americans find themselves hunted by a mysterious creature. A gutsy female in an attempt to prove herself as a hunter unwittingly becomes the only person who can take on this new threat.

Predator vs Apache Indians is certainly a novel concept, and is given a feminist twist with the central protagonist having to outwit not just an alien but also her male counterparts. With a backdrop of foreign invasion onto American soil, not just from the Predator this could have been a intriguing depiction of the plight of native Americans suddenly faced with a unique enemy … but with all the Natives speaking perfect English I soon realised this was that kind of movie.

Thankfully the portrayal of the Predator is spot on, brutal and cool, making favourable comparisons to the first movie. It’s also suitably gruesome in parts – although the editing means it never gets that grisly. Amber Mudthunder is great in the lead role and proves a capable badass in some well choreographed fights. I also found her quite likeable and I’m intrigued to see what she’ll turn up in next. Her character did feel a tad one-note though, with little more to her than wanting to be a ‘hunter’. Yet this was still a Predator movie in its tone, and was well shot, tense and at times exciting. It can’t touch the original but I still had a good time with this.

Verdict: Good


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