The Clovehitch Killer

Viewed – 10 April 2022 online rental

I’d heard some good things about this, and I’ll admit serial killer movies intrigue me, so when I heard this one was inspired by the real life serial killer Dennis Rader (aka BTK) I knew I had to see it. Teenager Tyler lives in a small town where ten years previous a killer claimed ten victims before disappearing. Each year the town holds a memorial for those that died, the shadow of the ‘clovehitch killer’ – named after a tied piece of rope found at every murder scene – looming large. However after stumbling upon a secret stash of bondage photos and various other items, Tyler begins to suspect his father may actually be the killer.

This realistic and engrossing drama has at its centre a solid performance from Charlie Plummer as Tyler, conveying teenage angst and troubling suspicions well. Dylan McDermott as his father is also very good – charming yet sinister. Support from the rest of the cast is also good, including a where has she been Samantha Mathis (Broken Arrow) as Tyler’s unsuspecting mother.

The concept pulled me in as the story unfolded. Although not as disturbing as it could have been this still had its moments. I’d have liked a bit more emotion from Tyler towards the end but the actor did convey a lot with his eyes and subtle mannerisms. The final act was also rather creative. As a sort-of BTK movie this glosses over much of what actually happened but conveys the man quite authentically I’d say. One to check out.

Verdict: Recommended

1 thought on “The Clovehitch Killer

  1. Definitely a very impressive film and mostly for being a specific and refreshing change from the kinds of serial killer films that we usually see in Hollywood. Dylan McDermott is quite superb. Thanks for your review.

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