Viewed – 28 September 2021 Netflix

The attacks on the World Trade Centre in 2001, still shake and disturb me, even now 20 years later. Several movies exploring what happened on that day have come out since, and this latest offers a look at an aspect that’s not as well known … that being the unenviable task of offering compensation to the relatives and families of those that lost their lives.

Michael Keaton stars as the lawyer who takes it upon himself to head up such a massive task. The movie, based on true events tries to explore what price you put on someone’s life, and is that effected by their status, from a company CEO to a cleaner, for example. This was fascinating and is held up by several decent performances, most notable Keaton but also Stanley Tucci.

For such a drawn out case, the movie remained interesting. It doesn’t go that nitty gritty into the attacks themselves, and the breadth of the tragedy is kind of glossed over. However focusing on only certain people and their stories was a wise move and at times proved powerful. It does drag a bit towards the end, whilst conveying the struggle to convince the public to back the compensation fund’s plans. Overall though, a very interesting drama that’s well acted and done with sensitivity.

Verdict: Good

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