Promising Young Woman

Viewed – 07 August 2021 online rental

I love going into a movie blind. Not knowing anything about it other than seeing it keep popping up in my YouTube feed. I also like female lead stories, and so I settled down to this with anticipation. Telling the tale of Cassie, a drop out medical student who by day works in a cafe and by night frequents clubs pretending to be drunk just to see if once again some scum bag will try to take advantage of her. However, when she finally appears to have met Mr Right, a tragic past that has haunted her, rears its head once again.

Me Too…?

Carey Mulligan, an actress I’m not overly familiar with, eats up the screen as the bitter and vengeful Cassie. The scenes where she tracks down and manipulates figures from her past are highly entertaining. It’s fun watching and waiting for who will be next and where the story will go. Ryan, the love interest also proves interesting, especially with how he plays off Cassie’s cautious personality to show he’s not the same as ‘those guys’. This all leads to a gut-punch of a twist that truly left my jaw dropped.

Shame then that the ending relies so heavily on certain things falling perfectly into place, which as it turns out is utterly implausible. This kind of ruins what is otherwise a really good movie, with memorable moments, a great soundtrack and a great turn from Mulligan. For all it’s other merits then, I’d still say give this a watch.

Verdict: Good

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