Viewed – 13 April 2021 online rental

I’ve always liked Russell Crowe, and who can argue he was amazing in Gladiator. However I’ve always appreciated his more edgy characters like in L A Confidential or his earlier role in the controversial Romper Stomper. So it was interesting to see him return to such a role where he’s not exactly the good guy. This has him as a man who begins a brutal vendetta against a woman who honks her horn at him at a set of traffic lights.

Yes this is a movie about road rage taken to the absolute extreme. For about 90 minutes this intense thriller sent me on a wild ride of ever increasing intensity and brutality. Really, this just doesn’t hold back as we watch Crowe’s rampage consume the screen. Think Falling Down meets The Terminator and you’ll get what this one’s going for. There were times I was basically shouting at the screen.

Caren Pistorius as the woman who is the object of Crowes vendetta is excellent, coming across convincingly as a woman in a terrible situation. I’d have liked a bit more back story on Crowe’s character … but overall I really got a kick out of this. Check it out.

Verdict: Recommended

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