Garbage new music

My favourite band, ‘Garbage’ have returned and have a very divisive new song out, the politically charged The Men Who Rule The World. Check out the trippy video below…

My thoughts? It’s a grower. Some aspects such as the music and production, are top notch, full of ideas and detail. That chorus is great too. Lyrically it’s quite challenging, with regular use of the F word to drive home its themes of patriarchy and female empowerment. Overall though I like it and certainly admire it’s ballsy drive and intent.

New album ’No Gods No Masters’ is out June 11. On this evidence I’m still very excited. This band, made up of singer Shirley Manson and super-producer Butch Vig along with Steve Marker and Duke Erikson … have never ceased to surprise and impress me. No band I’ve ever been into has been so consistent and now 7 albums into their career, Garbage show no sign of changing or playing it safe. Bring it on!

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