Movies of my life – update 1

Well this is currently a slow process I confess. I’ve so far only ticked two movies off this project as follows…

The first movie, from 1975 was the Stanley Kubrick period drama, Barry Lyndon – not a movie that appealed previously but considering I’m a big admirer of Stanley Kubrick, I thought I’d give it a watch. Well, I liked it. It’s certainly a nice looking movie, with Kubrick’s vision to recreate the Renaissance period of art giving the movie a unique feel. Ryan O’Neil is ok, his character is a bit of a womanising rogue yet his journey from poverty to high society was engaging and often funny. At over 3hrs it’s too long, but I’m glad I’ve now seen it.

My next choice, dependent on the mood I was in at the time, was the comedy-thriller Silver Streak. This has Gene Wilder as a man on a train who believes he witnesses a murder, and therefore chooses to investigate. As the story progresses, he falls for a mysterious woman who seems linked to the murder and befriends a car thief, played by Richard Pryor. I really enjoyed this. I think I saw the ending on TV years back, but hadn’t seen the rest. Pryor & Wilder were such a funny pairing, even if Pryor is only in the second half of this one. Well worth it if you like the actors named and 80s comedies.

I’m gradually working on a list to pick from and trying to find movies that really appeal or I had always wanted to see but have never got around to. I’ll try and keep these updates semi-regular.


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