Viewed 25 June 2020 (A-Z Collection Challenge)

Next to Psycho, this is probably one of director Alfred Hitchcock’s most celebrated movies. Starring James Stewart (It’s A Wonderful Life) as a former cop turned private detective who is hired by an old friend to follow his wife Madeline around. Concerned with her strange behaviour, the friend believes she’s reliving her long dead grandmother’s life, who committed suicide at 26. So it’s up to Stewart to figure out the mystery whilst at the same time battling his own crippling Vertigo.

Hanging in there…

Hitchcock’s movie is bathed in a wealth of garish colours that really make it pop off the screen. The cinematography showcasing San Francisco as well as avant-gard restaurants and the like, is gorgeous and rather surreal looking, giving the movie that classic Hollywood sheen with a hint of creepiness. Stewart is great, likeable and fascinating, as is Kim Novak’s dangerously alluring Madeline. The atmosphere here is often haunting and a bit weird but works perfectly. I’ve not seen all that many Hitchcock movies but this one definitely has its own vibe even if the everyman in a bad situation and the femme fatale are typical tropes of the director from what I hear.

The ending came about a bit abruptly and the love story felt rather forced. What it was all about in the end wasn’t as interesting as the build up either. Overall though, with its haunting atmosphere, distinct look and solid performances … I still had a good time with this.

The Blu-ray image is very pleasing even if the darkest scenes seem to get a bit too murky. Detail on a whole is impressive though. The soundtrack is effective too, helped by Bernard Herman’s at times intense score. Extras consist of featurettes covering the movie’s restoration, Alfred Hitchcock’s collaborators, and a period of foreign censorship. However the highlight is a commentary by director William Friedkin (The Exorcist). Impressive stuff and overall a stellar package.


(the movie) Good

(the Blu-ray) Recommended

3 thoughts on “Vertigo

  1. My favourite Hitchcock movie, and one of my favourite films of all time, period. Coming out on 4K UHD in September, apparently. I can’t wait.

    By the way, this is definitely one of those films that get better the more you times you watch it. You start to soak in the atmosphere and mood and period, and worry less about the plot and central mystery. It becomes more dreamlike. Oh and that music… always gives me chills.

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  2. Like ghostof82 this is one of my all time faves. The atmosphere is very unique, like you mentioned. And Kim Novak steals my heart as Madeline, the femme fatale. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.


  3. Great blog about a great film. I love the wealth of color and the use of color to delineate character and mood. Big fan of the dangerously alluring Kim Novak. Catch my Queen of the Lot blog if you get a chance. Thanks!


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