21 Bridges

Viewed – 04 April 2019. Online rental

I can’t say I was all that taken by Chadwick Boseman in his star-making turn in the overrated Black Panther, but I was open to seeing what else he could do. So we come to this fairly typical thriller … that has Boseman as a seasoned detective with a bit of a reputation for gunning down bad guys over the years, who becomes involved in a manhunt for two crooks after a group of cops get killed. In order to trap the criminals he makes the unprecedented decision to lock down Manhattan by closing all bridges leading off the island. However it soon transpires there’s more to the situation than what first appears.

Boseman’s character history with his father being killed in a similar way, caused this viewer to get invested in the character’s methods. Support cast including a firm favourite of mine, J. K. Simmons and a barely recognisable Sienna Miller both prove interesting. However it’s how the two criminals are portrayed that delivers the movie’s depth and I’d have certainly liked that to have been explored a bit more. Also, an on-foot chase in the middle I must say was heart-in-mouth exciting.

However the movie’s twist sign-posts itself way too obviously early on, which means where it goes turns out (for the most part) predictable. Which is a shame because overall this is slick, exciting and regularly thrilling with plenty of style and energy. Boseman is a decent lead but at times his line-delivery is a bit ‘what did he say?’ but that’s a small gripe, and I was still gripped by his plight. Not a classic then, but a worthwhile, gritty thriller thats I still had a good time with.

Verdict: Good

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