New decade – new system

Hi everyone.

I’ve been thinking of this for a while and wanting to move away from my usual ratings system, especially where I score movies from 1 to 5, often throwing in that awkward 2.5 /5 or 3.5 /5 score for movies that don’t easy fit in. So going forward I’ll be using simply a word for each part of the scale as follows:

Essential – this replaces the much coveted 5/5

Recommended– replaces  3.5 /5 – 4/5

Good – replaces  3/5

Poor – replaces  2/5 – 2.5/5

Avoid – replaces  1/5

I’ve updated the reviews I’ve posted already this year and this new system will remain for the foreseeable future.


2 thoughts on “New decade – new system

  1. Not a bad idea. I’ve avoided scores/ratings on my blog for years but I can certainly understand the appeal. I wonder how many ‘Essential”s you’ll be awarding this year?


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