Version 2.0 anniversary

Today marks twenty years since the 2nd album by my favourite band of all time Garbage, was released.  Let that sink in for a moment, maybe whilst you give it a listen.

For me it still sounds streets ahead of most other music today. Immediate, gutsy, futuristic and slick-as-hell.  The perfect synergy of rock, electronica and musicality, with such memorable gems as ‘I Think I’m Paranoid’, ‘Push It’, ‘Temptation Waits’ and ‘The Trick Is To Keep Breathing’ even though all tracks are great.  As a follow up to their brilliant debut, this delivered and then some and turned this fan into a super-fan.

Happy anniversary to my favourite album of all time!

3 thoughts on “Version 2.0 anniversary

  1. One of my favorite albums too. I like the way you described it. The production is so slick – meant to be listened to with headphones. The synths, beats and guitars are so lush and euphoric. Shirley’s voice is angelic and sexy.


  2. Albums are like movies, when you realise how much time has impossibly passed since you first heard/saw it, you feel so old its depressing. On the one hand, it can throw you right back to those good old days and happy memories but on the other… you have to wonder where all that time went. I remember listening to Vangelis albums thirty + years ago, that still feel fresh and valid today (indeed, some just get better with age, which is part of the guys genius), but when I think of how much water has passed under the bridge it’s scary.

    I blame the marketing boys- they seem hellbent on depressing us with anniversary releases of albums and films. you just know that there will be Garbage 3.0 when its due its 30th Anniversary, right? Imagine how that will feel. Superman:The Movie is 40 years old this year, the soundtrack is no doubt getting an anniversary re-release- I remember listening to the vinyl album back in 1979 on my birthday. Scary getting old.


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