The Greasy Strangler

Viewed – 13 January 2017  online rental

So what’s going to be my first new movie of 2017?  Er … yes a messed up little horror comedy that’s gained quite a lot of word of mouth.  Sitting down to this I really had very little idea of what I was in for … and having sat through it, I’m still not entirely sure what I just witnessed.


A father and son run a dodgy disco-themed tourist walk in their local Los Angeles neighbourhood.  One day a woman (Elizabeth De Razzo) attracts the attention of the dim-witted son (Sky Eloba) who asks her out, much to the jealousy of his weird, possessive father (Michael St Michaels).  So sets forth a bizarre love triangle that takes place whilst a freaky strangler stalks victims at night whilst covered head to toe in grease.  Yeah, this is not your average movie.

Director Jim Hosking has certainly created a next level weird-fest here and delivers a fairly stylish looking movie on the whole.  With several weird performances, even weirder characters and situations, this is the sort of movie you either watch and get something out of in a ‘what is this shit’ kind of way or you turn it off after a few minutes.  There really is no other way of approaching it.  It has a bonkers soundtrack that doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard (complete with chipmunks-like speeded up voices and an ominous pounding jazz theme tune) and an atmosphere of a hallucinogenic acid trip nightmare.  It’s a hard film to categorize but think Troma or grindhouse and you’ll have an idea what this is going for.  So what you get is plenty of gratuitous nudity (not a good thing, unless old man penis is your thing) and plenty of sick ideas and a smattering of gore.  Yet it never really lets loose, and well, for such a premise should have really been a lot sicker and a lot gorier to leave any sort of impact on this viewer.

As it stands this was an occasionally comical and entirely unique experience that whilst not really doing anything all that memorable … I’m still happy to say I’ve seen.

Verdict:  2 /5

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