Thanks Sony

Well we already knew it was official…but we’re getting an upgraded version of the PS4…PS4 Pro…where existing games and future games will run smoother and look better with bigger draw distance as well as 4K resolution.


So those millions of PS4 owners who happily lined Sony’s pockets with a ton of money – what about us?

Sony’s answer in not as many words?  Fuck You.

Yes.  That’s right no matter how their P.R. try and paint it…us existing PS4 owners are going to get the raw deal … yes, we still get the big games (for now) but they’ll run better on PS4 Pro.  So thank you Sony.  Glad you appreciate our support.  Fuck you back.

Excuse my language please…but this pisses me off.  I’m going to go and cool down now.

2 thoughts on “Thanks Sony

  1. Unfortunately this seems to be how consoles will play out in future (Microsoft is doing the same with its xboxone/ scorpio). What I feel is most annoying is how it clearly demonstrates how underpowered both ps4 and xboxone are. My 360 seemed a big leap from my original xbox but ps4 has left me underwhelmed from day one. I think both Sony and Microsoft has taught me to be cautious buying new hardware so maybe they just scored an own-goal, considering I used to buy new consoles day one. Not anymore.


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