Why do I write this blog?

Over the years I have asked myself that question numerous times.  I know for a fact I write it because I love writing and giving my opinion and just having a voice to put out there about the things I am into.  However I do this not to make money (I don’t make any money from it) and therefore it’s purely a hobby I like to share with anyone who wants to read it.  I enjoy the creativity of writing reviews, of choosing my words and offering an opinion in a creative and potentially interesting way.

In subsequent years considering I have been writing this for almost ten years now, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed a great deal of popularity, and sometimes I do think about giving up and moving on.  But that would be a genuine shame.  I try not to get disheartened when I read other blogs that clearly have a lot more interest than mine and many more comments (I on average get 2-3 comments a week, and about 30-40 viewers a day and a handful of likes) … so yes 700+ subscribers not withstanding, not many folks are all that interested.  However did I start this blog to become popular?  Not really.  I did it for myself and I still get enjoyment out of writing reviews even if not many people are going to read them or take that much notice.  I do intend to keep the blog going however and really appreciate any interest or attention offered.  I suppose I just don’t expect all that much likes or comments, and after 9 years I’m OK with that (in a way).  Not to say I wouldn’t love it, but it’s clearly not going to happen.  I think some folks on here who write very similar topics have a dedicated core audience of still-active users (I doubt many of my subscribers are even around any more) who either know the writer or have been more into his or her blog for a long time, and that’s an audience I have never been or will never be a part of.  So why do I write if hardly anyone reads it?  Again for myself and for the enjoyment of writing.  Those that do stop by, thank you and I love you all.  Those that don’t click any further than seeing me on a feed, that’s your choice and happy on your way you go.

I have a number of reviews, gaming opinions and other ramblings planned for the weeks ahead, so do come and take a look and if you choose not to, then no worries.  I’ll still be here regardless, in my little corner of the web … doing my thing.


14 thoughts on “Why do I write this blog?

  1. This is such an honest piece. Always refreshing and enlightening when people open up so much. I think I use my blog as a sort of online collection. It reminds me of things that have stood out to me and things I want to remember. I’ve also met a few bloggers in real life but that’s just a bonus.

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  2. Well, those other blogs have not become that popular only because of their writing, it takes quite a big time investment visiting and commenting regularly in other blogs to grow your own. I’ve scaled it down the last year, which resulted in a huge drop in the numbers, which I’m fine with as I had the goal of increasing them on the Dutch version of the site, which I managed to do. Growing it takes time, keeping them even more.

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  3. I can relate. When I started Leisure Time, it wasn’t to make money or gain a legion of followers; it was just to have someone to talk to about these things I love (or love to hate). I’m not a terribly frequent poster, so it’s mostly just me talking to myself, but I do appreciate the handful of views and likes I get. Also, it’s the classic conundrum isn’t it? After a while I don’t write much (partly) because nobody responds, but nobody responds because I don’t write much.

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  4. This post mirrors my own thoughts and experiences so much. I often get a sense of doubt or questioning in why I’m doing it and the time I gave it up, I really missed the process. I’d love my blog to be more popular but I guess it’s like anything else, chance, circumstance and time always play their part.


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