The Netflix Alphabet Challenge

I’ve come up with an interesting idea.  Yes, the idea is to watch a movie on Netflix, and review it following day or so.  The restriction being I must only review one movie from each letter of the alphabet, until all 26 movies are done.  Other than this said movie can be from any year, any genre etc, although must be something that hasn’t been previously reviewed on here..  It’s going to take me a while but I am challenging myself … also it’s a good way to make more of my Netflix subscription and post more content.

Subsequent reviews of this challenge will have ‘Netflix Alphabet Challenge’ on the review itself.

6 thoughts on “The Netflix Alphabet Challenge

  1. This is really cool. Film Friday on my blog started kind of like this. A friend gave me a hard drive with 400 films on it and I was watching and reviewing them in alphabetical order regardless of quality… but then the hard drive broke.


  2. Good luck on this challenge! I’ve contemplated doing something like this. But I’ve had so little motivation to write lately.


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