PS4 for the win?

You may be surprised to read this, but I think I see me owning a PlayStation 4 in the future, more than the XBOX ONE.  Why this sort-of turn around?  In a word: gimmicks.  The gimmicks of the XBOX ONE have put me off to a degree.  I just don’t want to talk to my XBOX ONE or use hand gestures.  Also the U.I. look a great deal like Windows 8 – which I already have.  It seems clear to me the focus in the design of the console has not been the games but the gimmicks, such as watching TV which I personally will not get to do as I don’t have satellite or free-view coming into my bedroom.  So taking all that away, warranting that extra £80 is difficult.  Yes some of the exclusives I will miss, the next Gears Of War I’d have liked to play … even though Halo and Forza Motorsport don’t interest me all that much.

Now turning to the PS4, it’s clear it’s all about the games, with gimmicks like sharing gameplay, watching Netflix etc pushed into the background – as it should be.  PS4 is primarily a gaming machine … and that’s where I stand, so it’s increasingly looking like PS4 is the console for me – I even got to handle the new Dualshock 4 the other day, which has gone a long way to sway me.  At this stage some of those hyped games have been pushed back to 2014, yet we still have the meaty looking Killzone Shadowfall, and to be honest … Knack looks my kind of fun.  Also let’s not forget the free to play games like Warframe which although not shouting next-gen do look worth a go, at least in the weeks or months until the big hitters like Watchdogs and Metal Gear Solid 5 turn up.

So ok readers, I am not fully saying the PS4 is my next games console (can I live without Titanfall??) … but at the moment, Microsoft are struggling to convince me otherwise.

1 thought on “PS4 for the win?

  1. Whenever I am in ownership of a lot more money and time on my hands (I only bought a PS3 last year getting more into games) I’ll get myself a PS4 when they’re more releases to play.

    Over the years I’ve had so many problems with the 360 crashing and consoles not working that more money has gone into that than actually buying a lot of games that would’ve been great to play. Plus as you mentioned about their gimmicks prior to their release, Microsoft really did shoot themselves in the foot.

    I like the idea of showing gaming content to others as I enjoy watching playthroughs and streams, but really, all that extra stuff I can just do on my PC that’ll last me through the gaming years with an updated graphics card once in a while.


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