Gaming’s Next Generation

So where do I stand on the forthcoming releases of the XBOX ONE and the PlayStation 4?

Over the last few days I have been studying both consoles, their good and bad points, their gimmicks and their capabilities.  I have discovered over the last few years that I like using my XBOX 360 as more than just a gaming device … I enjoy watching Sky, Netflix, Youtube on it, and sometimes can go long stretches without even playing a game.  So multimedia capability would be a benefit to me.  Both consoles offer this, but Microsoft’s machine seems to deliver it in a more innovative package.  Looking at both operating systems, the XBOX ONE has the inclusion of the Kinnect sensor, which enables the user to control the device not only with hand gestures but also your voice … something I have long thought was a bit silly – but watching videos of it in action … I am coming around to the idea.  See the video below for a full detail of this and other functionality of the console:

In comparison, Sony’s machine is seemingly focused on the gamer, a good thing I am sure but not exactly forward thinking.  It has much of the gimmicks as detailed in the video above, but with Sony’s Eye Toy camera sold separately, so therefore not something every user will have a go with – but this cuts down the price, making Sony’s machine £70 cheaper than it’s rival.  They have also designed a nicer looking console, more futuristic and sexy than the black box of Microsoft’s machine.  See more details on Sony’s machine below:

Both consoles have similar specifications of which I wont bore you with here, and both seem to like the idea of involving social media into your gaming, such as the ability to record and upload game footage.  Sony’s integration of using its troubled Vita console as a second screen however seems pointless considering it’s never really been a massive hit.  On launch, both systems will see several games released on it, including third party titles such as Assassins Creed 4, Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty Ghosts … but for me it is the exclusives that will sell each system, what you can’t get on the other machine and vice versa.  Some major highlights from day one include:

Sony PlayStation 4 Exclusives

Killzone: Shadowfall


Microsoft XBOX ONE Exclusives

Dead Rising 3

Forza Motorsport 5

Ryse: Son Of Rome

Both consoles also offer a wealth of arcade titles exclusive to each machine, but for me these aren’t a reason to jump to the next gen and offer nothing we can’t currently find on 360 or PS3, regardless of what both company’s are saying.

In the future, and not for a while yet I will be getting a next-gen console.  Which one?  I have been an XBOX fan-boy for a long time and always found much of PlayStation’s titles left me wanting … and I greatly prefer the controller on the 360.  Sony’s new machine does offer up the much improved Dualshock 4, and sexier looks.  But it will most likely come down to price, games I personally want to play … and just how well each machine is doing sales-wise.  I am currently leaning towards the XBOX as you can probably tell, because I think it’s just a more fully-rounded experience – but I haven’t fully made my mind up at this stage.  Over the comings months both systems will see big titles released that have just missed the launch window, such as the much anticipated Watchdogs and the next Metal Gear Solid, but early adopters I think will still have a fine piece of kit, whichever side of the fence they land on.

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