A few new things…

Just been having a think… this blog has been going since 2007.  Do we all like the current look and style?  It’s gone through a few themes and I think this latest one that I have kept for a while now, is nice, minimalist but effective.  Never want the look of the blog to overwhelm the actual content, which is the focus, so hope it’s to most people’s liking.  To give the blog a bit more of a personal touch, I’ve renamed it ‘Craig’s Movie Report‘.  Does that work?  I’d love to read your comments, advice, pointers on how to make this blog the best it can be, and will be looking to add a few things here, change things but only in a subtle way… polishing it you could say.

Well just wanted to say that for now.  Craig out.

4 thoughts on “A few new things…

  1. I think your blog looks pretty good. I like the minimalist look; when there is too much going on in the background it is distracting.

    You do a good job of using white space. I try to keep my paragraphs to 3-5 sentences, otherwise people drift off sometimes when they see a huge section of text to tackle.

    The only thing I might recommend is increasing the font size in your header. Make “Craigs Movie Report” stand out a little more so people know what this blog is all about when they find it.


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