Viewed – 05 November 2013  Blu-ray

When one thinks of director Robert Zemeckis, movies like Back To The Future and Forest Gump spring to mind – not meaningful drama’s about alcoholism … but this is exactly what the celebrated director has delivered.  Breaking away from a foray into animation with the (for me at least) underwhelming A Christmas Carol, this stars Denzel Washington as an airline pilot who saves the passengers of a jet after an incident, and is heralded a hero by the public and press.  However he hides the secret that he’s actually an alcoholic, who was drinking on the day of the flight – was he responsible for the incident, or should he allow his lawyers to cover things up?


Washington has always been a dependable actor, but for me he’s fallen a little out of favour with a few too many similar performances, where he always seemed to be the arrogant shouty-type who thinks he knows it all.  This however was his chance to showcase more depth with a damaged, emotional role, which thankfully has him back on form.  Co-starring Don Cheadle and a stand-out John Goodman, I found this gripping and powerful.  Washington’s character isn’t very likable, but as with alcoholics, it’s never as simple as right and wrong – and I found myself sympathising with him regardless of his often reckless actions.  Also, an on-off relationship with a heroin addict (Kelly Reilly) had echoes of Nicholas Cage drama Leaving Las Vegas, even this never quite sinks to that movie’s harrowing depths.

Zemeckis has crafted an often thought-provoking and surprising drama, very different to the feel-good movies he’s been known for, but shows he remains one of the best around.  And although subtle and not as lively as some of his other performances, Washington nailed this perfectly.  Highly recommended.

Verdict:  4 /5

2 thoughts on “Flight

  1. I absolutely loved this movie. Denzel was perfection, and what about John Goodman? Totally the trickster character. I actually really liked how they handled the ending — with vacant parents, it’s always the question on a child’s mind.


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