Ok, going to be making some effort to watch a few movies gathering dust on my desk of late.  Wont say here what they are, but expect reviews to turn up in the next few days … I know, very teasy of me!  Unfortunately I am not sure I’ll get around to seeing Gravity, that very interesting looking Sandra Bullock movie, but I am still crossing my fingers, and the currently released Thor sequel is probably going to get missed also.  Cinema is just not happening right now (sad face).  Oh well.  With my birthday on the horizon (11/14 readers!!), I see a few more Blu-ray’s happening and even a bit more gaming (yes, late to the party, but it will be Batman Arkham City: Game Of The Year Edition).

Last few days I managed to finally complete Hitman Absolution – a very good but very challenging entry in the franchise, but easily the best in the series I have played … awesome graphics, very cinematic and the gameplay was very cool.  Also managed to finish the excellent, very emotional and engaging The Last Of Us of which I spoke about in an earlier post.  Both games should be on your to-play list if you enjoy solid story driven experiences.  However, Dead Space 3 is still on my shelf … it’s a good game but not been in the mood for that kind of intense fright-fest lately.  One day … one day.

That’s all from me for now.  Back soon!

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