A small update from me.  Not a great deal going on here, but I did pick up a new computer recently.  I am currently getting my head around Windows 8.  Now I have read (some) of the negative feedback of the Microsoft operating system, but honestly – I like it.  It’s very stylish, so makes your computer look very nice and colourful.  Also the start screen is pretty cool, even if I am using the standard desktop more – yes, old habits die hard.  Yet I am enjoying finding my feet and just exploring – it’s actually fun not knowing the way things work straight away, and having to actually learn – it feels refreshing, and probably the boot up the ass Windows has needed for a long time.

Other than the above I have been playing two games, namely the acclaimed PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last Of Us, which is proving very impressive … and also the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5.  This is easily proving the best in the long running series, with superb graphics and total fun gameplay, with the evolution of having three characters to swap between proving very well implemented and giving the series a deserved face lift – without losing any of it’s risqué image or attitude.

I have a few movies on the horizon also, including Iron Man 3 and Elijah Wood serial killer thriller / remake Maniac, so expect reviews soon.

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