Silent Hill Revelation

Viewed – 29 June 2013  online rental

I have always been a fan of the video games that this and the previous movie are based on, and having recently picked up Silent Hill Downpour on the XBOX 360, I was tempted to give this, rather poorly rated sequel a day in court.  Continuing on from the events in the first movie, Sean Bean and his daughter, Heather (Adelaide Clemens) spend their lives moving from town to town, with Bean attempting to keep one step ahead of the occupants and spirits of Silent Hill, who have taken an interest in Heather.  When Bean vanishes though Heather realizes its time to find the town her father has spoken so much about and which haunts her dreams in hope of stopping the nightmare.


Closely based on the critically acclaimed third entry in the video game series, this brash, in-yer-face horror movie perfectly captures the mood and look of the games, and with a feisty heroine in the shape of Michelle Williams look-a-like Clemens and some great set design and make up effects, I found myself having a lot of fun.  For a video game adaption, this does the job well, but as a movie it lacks tension and build up with the director being more focused on throwing freaky monsters and OTT effects at the screen.  This isn’t helped by some very poor CGI, and a story that doesn’t really go anywhere interesting.  Supporting cast members Kit Harington and Carrie-Ann Moss are ok, and Sean Bean is acceptable despite a very dodgy American accent … but the fun here is spotting all the iconic imagery, including a great sexy / freaky nurses sequence.  And that theme is truly haunting.

But this isn’t a movie intent on scaring you and leaving you shaken, but more sending you on a gory, visually dynamic ride (hence the 3D, at least in cinemas) but if you’re a fan of the games, you’ll still get something from it.  Of the memory I have of the first movie, this can’t compare and lacks the skill of French director Christophe Ganz (Brotherhood of the Wolf).  Yet I’d still say see it for the games, maybe not so much for your love of horror.

Verdict: 2.5 /5

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