Bit of a quiet month … not many movies on the horizon, but do have a few reviews in the pipeline … such as the newly released 25th Anniversary Blu-ray of classic comedy / fantasy The Princess Bride.  Also I have Pascal Lugier’s somewhat ignored but (in certain circles) well received Tall Man.  I’m betting because it isn’t about women being tortured (!), it’s sneaked under the radar of fans of French shocker Martyrs… Also there has been a recent Studio Ghibli season on television (Film Four) and a few titles I haven’t yet seen (Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbour Totoro) have grabbed my attention.

What have I been up to?  Well, work has been very hectic in the run-up to the bank holiday.  I am so glad it is the weekend, where I have family visiting and (hopefully) chocolate to be consuming.  Either way it will be one of the more lively weekends in recent times.  In the coming weeks (months) some works nights-out should be fun and with several video games on my ‘must complete’ list like Halo 4 (loving it) and back-burner titles like Dead Space 3 and Hitman Absolution, I have more than enough to keep me occupied.  Also on the horizon are several yet to purchase titles that have recently come out (the previously mentioned Tomb Raider, and of course Gears Of War Judgement, God of War Ascension and Bioshock Infinite) … only more free time and endless money stops me from grabbing these at the earliest convenience.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter!!


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