The Book of Eli

Viewed – 16 March 2013  Television

Not sure what made me take so long to get around to seeing this.  Perhaps it was the ‘meh’ of another post-apocalyptic scenario?   But then again we have Denzel Washington in the lead role, so after several recommendations from friends, I thought I’d finally check it out.


Denzel plays a lone drifter in a wasteland version of America following what appears to be a nuclear war.  He carries with him a book as his only companion, reading it each night, and continues on his way, foraging for food and supplies as he finds them.  However a local bar owner in one town is also searching for a sacred book, and will stop at nothing to get his hands on it, believing it holds the key to taking control of a destroyed world. Directed by The Hughes Brothers (Menace II Society, From Hell) this certainly looks the part and boasts several decent action sequences, with Denzel proving the ultimate apocalyptic bad-ass.  Co-starring the gorgeous Mila Kunis (Black Swan) as well as Gary Oldman as the ruthless villain  this is an intriguing and entertaining movie only slightly let down by a clichéd setting and rather simplistic characterization.

As an evenings viewing this proved fun, if undemanding and yes, could have been a lot deeper than it was.  The plot is nothing special and took a bit of time to get going.  Also some developments towards the end just left me thinking ‘oh come on…’.  That being said, Washington as always was great and supported well, especially by a scene-stealing Oldman … so if you are into such concepts – this is still worth a look.

Verdict:  3 /5

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