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Well I haven’t reported in for a while (probably since new year) and thought I’d ramble for a little bit.  So far its been an alright year as far as movie watching is concerned.  Not been able to get to the cinema as much as I would like, but have  enjoyed some good to average movies on my trusty PS3 or Blu-ray player and had a lot of fun writing the reviews and figuring out what to say, what to pick at and what to dismiss (believe me writing reviews is not easy!).  Also I have been enjoying a bit of a backlog of games, most notably Halo 4 which is proving the best in the series (a shock considering it’s made by a new developer, namely the very talented 343 Industries) and I am promising myself to get around to playing the new very nice looking Tomb Raider in the coming months.  Oh and my thoughts on the PS4 announcement?  It all looks and sounds like too many gimmicks, not enough innovation … and just take a look at some of the best looking PS3 games, and do we really need new hardware yet?  I think not.  Of course don’t judge me if I am first in line come launch day.  lol.

On a personal note, work has been mad, kept me occupied and interested, and the coming months certainly hold some interesting developments.  As far as life is concerned I’m thankful for a lot of things; for good friends (they know who they are), a good family and a job I work hard at and enjoy.  It challenges me and is never dull.  I suppose writing this little blog entry could be a start of regular musings, I don’t know for sure but would be interested in hearing readers thoughts on here, what makes them happy, keeps them ticking over etc, and what they are thankful for.  Oh and of course if they have that obscure movie recommendation they’d like to send my way … that’s a bonus!

Craig out.

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