Desert Island movies

Now this isn’t a post about movies set on a desert island (no, have never seen Castaway) but more so that age old radio show item, desert island disks, meaning what are those personal favorites,  those classic movies you can’t live without?  Here is a simple run down of some of the movies I couldn’t imagine not owning and watching from time to time…

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The sequel to James Cameron’s  break-out cult sci-fi thriller, this added a massive budget,  state of the art effects and a director at the top of his game.  I get the feeling from watching this that Cameron was able to finally realize all his most fantastical ideas with this concept – and so we have I think one of the finest action movies ever made.  Add to this the casting is excellent (with a career best from both Linda Hamilton and the much underrated Edward Furlong, as well as Arnie owning the movie as everyone’s favorite hard as nails cyborg.  And who can forget the villainous brilliance of Robert Patrick’s T1000?

Favorite scene:  I have many, but the sequence that stands out for me is when Sarah Connor (Hamilton) escapes from the Psychiatric Hospital, just as the T1000 turns up and Arnie and John Connor (Furlong) come to save the day.

The Big Lebowski

Arguably the best movie the celebrated Coen Brothers have ever made.  Two slacker buddies that I absolutely love (John Goodman’s Walter, Jeff Bridges ‘The Dude’), a dry comical narration (by the brilliant Sam Elliot), great music, surreal dream sequences, over-use of cuss words, and superb, endlessly quotable dialogue.  I have watched and re-watched this movie more times than is strictly healthy.

Favorite scene:  Not easy picking a favorite  but I really like the scene where The Dude (Bridges) arrives at the mansion owned by namesake millionaire Lebowski (David Huddleston) who’s trophies and achievements are shown off by a perfect Philip Seymour Hoffman.

….to be continued

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