Viewed – 30 November 2012  Blu-ray

Unrated Version

Seth Macfarlane created Family Guy.  To anyone with a funny bone, that should be reason enough to see this, his debut, live action feature.  This tells the story of a young boy, not particularly popular who one night wishes his best friend, a teddy bear was real.  Bingo – next morning he’s come to life, much to the horror of his parents.  As the year’s pass, Ted and the boy are inseparable, until said boy grows into Mark Wahlberg who is dating current sexiest woman in the world (not official) Mila Kunis (Black Swan) who feels his friendship with the talking stuffed toy is getting in the way of their relationship.


This is a great premise, and with Seth Macfarlane bringing his limitless comedy chops to voice Ted, there are more great one-liners here than I’ve heard in a long time.  Ok, many of the jokes are bad taste, causing you to laugh in that awkward, should-I-be-finding-this-funny? sort of way, but that is exactly the humour that caused Family Guy to take a giant shit on The Simpsons (sorry) for several years, and I must say I was laughing pretty much the entire time (well, not the entire time, that would have been a bit mental).  Wahlberg is perfectly cast as the lovable guy who has never quite grown up, Mila Kunis is as ever more than just a seriously beautiful creature, and the story, with fine villanous support from the ever enjoyable Giovanni Ribisi (TV’s Friends, Avatar) worked well, turning out to have some real emotion towards the end.  References to 80s TV shows, movies (especially Flash Gordon) and various celebrities hit home perfectly (back off, Susan Boyle!), making this one movie to watch several times just for all the great lines.

Ted is a fantastic creation then, and Seth Macfarlane has proved he’s more than just the guy behind Family Guy … but also a comedy talent to be reckoned with.  Step aside The Farrrely Brothers, there’s a new King in town!

Verdict:  5 /5

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