Viewed – 29 November 2012. Blu-ray

David Cronenberg is one of my favourite directors, responsible for such masterpieces as Videodrome and Dead Ringers.  So naturally I will seek out anything by him … even this curious oddity starring Twilight actor Robert Pattinson.


Pattinson plays a young billionaire living in Manhattan on-route to getting his hair cut whilst travelling in a stretched limo. However for a man who has it all, the beautiful wife, the sexy mistress (Juliette Binoche) and more money than he knows what to do with … he craves something more, something that might make him feel alive again.

Interesting concept, based on the novel by Don Dellilo, this has more in common with Cronenberg’s baffling Naked Lunch than any of his other work.  Filled with impenetrable dialogue that is more a series of phylosophical statements than people actually talking one another – I found this both beautiful to look at, and cold and alienating … meaning gleaming much enjoyment was near-impossible.  Cameos by Samantha Morton & Paul Giamatti were welcome, but even smatterings of sex & violence couldn’t pull this out of the doldrums, and I almost nodded off at times. Pattinson also continues to be one of the most navel-gazing actors I have ever witnessed, and I remain firmly on the fence as to his appeal.

One to avoid then, even for seasoned Cronenberg fans.

Verdict:  1 /5

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