Men In Black 3

Viewed – 24 November 2012. Pay per view rental

In the years since the last MIB movie, star Will Smith has almost retired, letting his kids (not quite) steal the limelight and series director Barry Sonnenfeld has disappeared into television obscurity … however now we have the third outing, and I’m happy to report it’s worth the wait.

Will Smith’s Agent J must go back in time to 1969 to prevent a vengeful alien from murdering Agent K.  Simple concept, making way for plenty of gags, cool gadgets (fave: the one wheel bikes) and a shed load of effects.  The villain here may be little more than a mutant biker with bad teeth, but with good turns from both Tommy Lee Jones (looking very old) and Josh Brolin (perfect) as his younger, spritlier self not to mention Smith on perfect wise-cracking form … this happily retained the look and feel of a sequel popped out a year or so after the last, not ten years late.

At times the plot gets a bit bogged down in details, and the humour doesn’t hit quite as often as say, MIB #1 … and there is green screen over kill causing some moments to look fake. But regardless, none of this prevented MIB 3 from still being great entertainment.

Verdict 4 /5

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