Viewed – 20 November 2012  Blu-ray

Another movie that isn’t particularly well-known but I had heard many good things about it.  Based on a novel by best-selling author Jo Nesbo, this has been marketed somewhat as the next big name Swedish adaptation to rival The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Let the Right One In, and follows the story of savvy recruitment specialist / headhunter Roger who in his spare time, moonlights as an art thief.  When he comes across a respected business man who may have in his possession a valuable work of art, Roger chooses to risk everything to claim it.

This is a twisting and turning tongue-in-cheek thriller, with a likable performance from Askel Hennie (resembling a young Christopher Walken) in a very demanding role, who also narrates proceedings.  Following his exploits proved very entertaining, especially when things took a turn for the worse and it became all about how this guy was going to survive increasingly absurd situations.  Sadly the movie is let down  by a swarve villain whose motives are rather vaguely explored, and along with some complicated moments – I did find myself losing track of what was going on.  Also it has to be said, the plot relies on convenience a bit too often.

Thankfully the stylish direction by Morten Tyldum and plenty of keep-you-guessing and heart-in-mouth moments (the car crash), meant I still managed to enjoy this regardless.

Verdict:  3 /5

2 thoughts on “Headhunters

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