Viewed – 08 August 2012  Online rental

Every now and then, I love a demented little horror movie, and this stumbled upon low-budget effort has cult favourite written all over it.  Alyce is a slightly insecure, quietly disturbed young woman who following a drunken (and drug fueled) night out, accidentally pushes her best friend off the roof of an apartment building.  Believing she is dead, Alyce is racked with guilt, until she learns her friend has survived and is in hospital, unable to speak.  Now Alyce finds herself in a dilemma – does she confess all, or try to cover up what she has done?  As she descends into madness, there seems only one choice.

This dark, tongue-in-cheek drama has a strong central performance from newcomer Jade Dornfeld who does a fine line in freaky facial expressions and craziness, and with nods to Alice In Wonderland as well as some imaginative, creepy camera work – this proved to be an utterly irresistible dose of gory (body disposal, anyone?), quirky fun.  Sometimes the clever editing caused confusion, and it all gets a bit bonkers towards the end.  The supporting cast is also largely forgettable (apart from a scenery chewing drug dealer) and just when it really gets going – it ends.

As it stands though, if you’re after something a little different, with plenty of personality and a bucket full of the red stuff – this will do the trick nicely.

Verdict:  3 /5

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