Bad Teacher

Viewed – 13 April 2012  Blu-ray

Cameron Diaz for me has always been a rather underrated comedy talent.  Her break-out role in Jim Carrey’s The Mask remained memorable for more than just her perfect body in a figure hugging dress … and she cemented this glimpse of comedy in two Charlies Angels movies and of course There’s Something About Mary.  Yet this is one of her few leading roles, so can she carry a comedy by herself?  Let’s see…

She plays a junior-high school teacher who quits her job to marry a millionaire and is seemingly set for life.  That is until she is dumped on the eve of her wedding and has to return to teaching with her tail between her legs.  Hell bent on bagging the next rich man she can find, she soon attracts the jealousy of a rival teacher, and a battle of wits ensues.

Cameron is a foul-mouthed, pot smoking car-crash of a character and her mission is both sad and funny.  Her surrounding cast members (including Justin Timberlake) all play rather bizarre caricatures of squeaky clean teachers and fail to be anywhere approaching real.  Which of course makes Diaz’s character stick out like a sore thumb, firing off some quality comedy-swearing that often made me laugh out loud.  However, the story is nothing we haven’t seen done before and the likable gym-teacher love interest (Jason Segel) causes the story to become very predictable.  Yet this is energetic and fun, crude in places but also quite charming at times.  I wouldn’t say hurry to watch … but if you’re stuck for something, this passes the time well enough.

Verdict: 3 /5

2 thoughts on “Bad Teacher

  1. I agree with your rating. Not as bad as some critics made out but a bit of a missed opportunity too. And nowhere near as bad a teacher as Walt from Breaking Bad!


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