The Roommate

Viewed – 15 February 2012  Blu-ray

Before you even sit down to this, you know what’s going to happen.  It’s one of those thrillers that has almost become a sub-genre of its own – the _____ from hell (fill in blank with baby sitter, nanny, flatmate, girlfriend etc).  Movies like Fatal Attraction and Single White Female made this easy fodder for Hollywood, and there’s been dozens of carbon copies over the years.  So what’s this one all about?

A girl arrives at University, and soon falls for the local hot drummer and befriends the local hot chick.  Then her roommate turns up, who seems all sugar and spice, until she grows jealous of the girl’s other friends, boyfriend and pretty much anyone who gets in the way … and soon turns into a nutter.  There is nothing here that hasn’t been done before, and better.  The cast is full of pretty stereotypes, the cool teacher who turns out to be a letch, the cool best friend who may or may not be a lesbian … and the seemingly nice roommate who clearly has a few screws loose.  Yet none of these characters are presented with any actual depth.  Just why the roommate is a nutcase is not explained, other than a suggestion she may be skitzophrenic or have bi-polar disorder, and the main character’s sister died, supposedly giving her some sort of characterisation, but it’s never elaborated on.  Oh and something horrid happens to a kitten – that’s just wrong!

To be fair the movie is shot with a degree of style, has a decent soundtrack and given less formulaic material, I am sure the director could come up with something much more memorable.  Yet as it stands, this occasionally entertaining (in a movie-of-the-week kind of way) movie just doesn’t have enough to make it stand out in a crowded genre, and therefore doesn’t come with my recommendation.

Verdict:  2 /5

3 thoughts on “The Roommate

    • Not really. Some people may like it, just not love it. A 2 is not at outright avoid-like-the-plague rating.

      Thanks for your comment. Ratings systems are a toughie, that’s why the review is just as important as the final verdict. Then the reader can make up their own mind.


  1. My review is similar to your experience in that I was not a huge fan of this movie. Actually you may have liked it even more then myself. As I watched it, my mind continued to flood with thoughts (which were generally sarcastic in nature) and It seemed I had more to say beyond the typical shrug of the shoulder and a muttered “ehh.”


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