Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantonamo Bay

Viewed – 06 January 2012  Blu-ray

Harold & Kumar first hit our screens in the very enjoyable buddy comedy Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (aka Harold & Kumar Get The Munchies), which if I recall correctly pitted a very likable duo, the straight-laced office clerk Harold (John Cho) and stoner best bud Kumar (Kal Penn) as they go from mad cap escapade to madcap escapade in search of the perfect burger.  This follow-up however has a broader focus and in my opinion is better put together, with the two friends being mistaken for terrorists on route to Amsterdam, and from then on things just get crazier and crazier.

Kal Penn & John Cho are for me at least, one of the best double acts in recent memory, with Pen causing the most trouble and getting all the best lines, whilst Cho struggles to get them both out of increasingly ridiculous situations.  This movie really got me laughing, and when it comes to comedy, my funny bone is certainly tickled by the more juvenile and down right crude type it seems, including fart jokes, drug-fuelled dream sequences, nudity, penis jokes and just plain ‘oh my god I don’t believe what just happened’, including a very funny cameo by a look-a-like George W Bush.  Also the racial-ignorance nods are spot on.

Any fan of movies such as American Pie, The Hangover etc will soak this up like a sponge, and considering that Harold & Kumar aren’t even that famous across the pond here in the UK … this comes highly recommended.

Verdict:  4 /5

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