It will be mine, yes … it will be mine!

Guess what I have being installed on Saturay?  Yes that is right, the UK satelite service SKY in beautiful HD.  Now my world will open up to the wonders of obscure TV shows, bizarre channels, movies I’ve seen a dozen times, and repeats of old favourites.  But hey, at least I won’t be bored … hopefully.  Here in the UK we don’t quite have the luxury of cable television, at least not to the extent as in the States, although things have greatly improved in the digital age, where previously we had to just flick through (count them) five channels – we now have digital channels, cranking that number up dramtaticaly.  Yet Sky, which is a subscription service, offers even more choice.  Colour me excited!!

1 thought on “It will be mine, yes … it will be mine!

  1. Congratulations. Had digital channels for ages, but still haven’t made the leap to HD yet. Basically because I don’t watch too much TV as I prefer movies…although I sometimes got that tingly feeling that I should get it just because it will look so much better….


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