End Of Year musings…

Well, 2011 is almost over and with Christmas on the horizon, it seems unlikely (but not impossible) that I will get to see many more movies before the year is out.  With that in mind I am currently compiling an end of year Top Ten taken from the reviews on this blog in the last twelve months.  Now as an amateur critic / blogger I haven’t been able to see all the best movies that have hit cinemas in 2011, so some choices will inevitably be from movies released last year that I only recently managed to check out on DVD or Blu-ray.  It definitely shouldn’t be taken as a definitive 2011 Top Ten, but more a list of my favourite movies as viewed in 2011.  I’ll try to not make any entry older than 2010 if possible.

I won’t give anything away though and I’m sure regular readers will have their own ideas what might appear in the list.  Until then (end of the month), watch this space!

2 thoughts on “End Of Year musings…

  1. I’ve started compiling mine as well, which also consists of my favorites. Looking forward to reading/comparing and of course hope to see the names of some movies I have never heard of 😉


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