Drive Angry

Viewed – 06 November 2011  Blu-ray

As has often been said, Nicolas Cage seems to take any movie role that’s given to him.  The former Oscar-winning actor now seems very happy as a for hire genre actor, more often than not in the kind of movies that would normally go straight to DVD if it wasn’t for his name.  This is one such movie … but not one you should pass by too quickly.

Cage plays a father who has escaped from Hell in order to avenge the murder of his daughter and rescue her baby girl, stolen by the leader of a satanic cult.  Hot on his heels is a man calling himself the accountant (William Fichtner), who vows to take Cage back to hell.  This is immediately fun, energetic and full of action.  Cage is perhaps not really trying, with his one tone drawl and personality free performance, but aided by a feisty Amber Heard who gets mixed up in proceedings, looking very hot indeed, he still suits the role, and knows how to blow shit up and look bad-ass.

Fichtner steals the show however as a swarve but wickedly evil character that can kill with the flip of a coin – a fabulous creation.  Billy Burke’s cult leader is a little bit one-dimensional and nothing new, but looks cool and behaves suitably nutty.   Yet what really made this movie zip by and be such fun was the sheer amount of muscle-car chases, gun fights, imaginative gore and a sprinkle of naked chicks!!  Never a bad thing.  And the story was just about engaging enough to hold all the crazy stuff together.

Verdict:  3 /5

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