Source Code

Viewed – 15 August 2011  Blu-ray

Following up what was one of the most gripping and rewarding sci-fi movies in years in the shape of the award winning Moon, director Duncan Jones had a lot of expectation weighing heavy on his shoulders.  Starring one of my favourite actors, Jake Gyllenhaal as Captain Colter Stevens (great movie name there!) who finds himself on a train that’s about to fall victim to a terrorist bomb threat.  Given only eight minutes to discover what happens before his conciousness is transported back to the military facility housing a top-secret project called The Source Code, Captian Stevens must continually, groundhog day-like revisit the train and identify the culprit to prevent any further devesation.

Part Quantum Leap meets Twelve Monkeys, with a sprinkling of Hitchcock thriller, this is instantly absorbing, helped no end by a likable performance from Gyllenhaal as well as co-star Michelle Monaghan in another plucky just shy of a-list performance meaning she really should be a bigger name.  Additionally Vera Farmiga offers another assured performance, adding some real emotion to proceedings.  It kept me guessing right to the end credits with  plenty of red herrings even if I did clock who the terrorist was fairly quickly … but had enough ideas to keep me interested throughout.  The concept although not exactly new is given a similarly intelligent approach as Jones achieved with Moon, and shows he’s certainly knows how to take an old idea and breathe new life into it – then make his audience gasp when the rug is pulled from under their feet.

Thoroughly enjoyable, surprisingly heart-warming and an easy recommendation.

Verdict:  5 /5

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