F.E.A.R. 3 – impressions

How does one stand out in a crowded genre?  With the first game in this acclaimed series, developer Monolith Studios successfully combined the gun blazing fun of Call Of Duty with the slow-motion cool of Max Payne then sprinkled on some eerie horror inspired by Japanese horror Ring.  This winning formula spawned an equally successful sequel, but now with original developer Monolith jumping ship to make way for Day One Studios, can the same magic still remain intact?

On the surface the answer to that question is a resounding yes.  I was at first worried due to this game’s complex ranking system and wealth of multi-player modes, meaning I expected the single-player campaign to be a brief and unfulfilling diversion.  Thankfully the single-player is a fully fleshed out continuation of the story, with you as series hero Point Man breaking out of Prison with your undead serial killer brother Paxton Fettal.  Now it has to be said, the plot of these games has never been the series’ strong point, and I admit to being totally clueless to what is going on.  But none the less the action is solid, filled with some great atmosphere and decent level design taking you through shopping malls, suburban neighbourhoods and city streets to name but a few.  The game feels a little more out in the open than the corridor based action of its brethren, but no less fun.  Perhaps a change of developer means the gameplay is a touch less refined and at times b****** hard, but the weapons are fun and overall I’m enjoying it.

I haven’t explored the multiplayer modes, as I’m not a big fan of playing games online (normally because I get my ass handed to me), but the inclusion of being able to control your brother on a second play through and have the ability to possess other characters in the game, is very intriguing.

For now though, if you liked F.E.A.R. 1 & 2, this is a must.

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