The Human Centipede

Viewed – 22 June 2011  online rental

First Sequence

This movie has become quite notorious of late due to the outright banning of its sequel, The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence by UK censorship board The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification).  Now although I generally do not approve of censorship when it comes to a form of entertainment, what I have read about the sequel sounds just plain sick.  Didn’t stop me checking this out though.

A deranged surgeon (Dieter Laser) in rural Germany has a crazy ambition to splice three human’s together to form a human centipede, whilst at the same time, keeping them alive.  This  bonkers procedure soon falls at the feet of two best friends (Ashley C Williams & Ashlynn Yennie), stranded in the woods after their hire-car breaks down.  Seeking refuge from the rain, they are taken in by the surgeon, and soon their nightmare begins.  What starts out as a fairly conventional, clichéd horror set-up soon turns into something much more original and distasteful and this viewer at times could not believe what he was watching.  It’s not disgustingly gruesome, more bizarre and twisted.  However the actual idea did not creep me out or disturb me as I’d expected, and I actually found myself getting engrossed.  The acting here is not good though, with the two girl’s painfully unconvincing until both have their mouths sewn to an asshole (both literally and figuratively in the screaming, annoying Japanese kid also pulled into the surgeon’s macabre experiment), and the only real performance to come out of the movie is that of the unhinged surgeon, marking him out as a new iconic horror boogeyman.

Tom Six’s movie is obviously an experiment in how far a freaky idea can be pushed, and perhaps with tighter direction, not so many ‘eh?’ moments and someone other than the main villain who can act, then this could have been a fine example of extreme cinema.  As it stands though, it’s a worthwhile oddity that anyone with a taste for such material should definitely check out … but perhaps everyone else need not apply.

Verdict:  3 /5

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