Tron Legacy

Viewed – 03 June 2011 Blu-ray

Apart from its unique look, I don’t really remember the 80s TRON all that much, so I was kind of stepping into this one blind, with only the very cool looking trailer as any real insight.  This has newcomer Garrett Hedlund as the rebellious Sam Flynn, share holder of a Microsoft-like corporation that was founded by Sam’s father (Jeff Bridges).  Yet one fateful night when Sam is only seven, Bridges’ Kevin Flynn vanishes and no word is heard from him until Sam receives a pager message from dad’s old arcade.  Turns out Bridges has been trapped in a computer-created world for all this time, and it’s not long before Sam comes to rescue him.

The first thing to strike anyone sitting down to watch this, is the glorious CGI vision of the computer world, breathtaking and awe-inspiring on Blu-ray with the added bonus of a thumping soundtrack from dance music guru’s Daft Punk.  What doesn’t work quite so well however is the simplistic story and the movie’s reliance on you having some experience of the original movie, with very little really explained on what the world is all about and how it came into being.  Also for what is basically an event movie the admittedly beautiful action (including a stunning light-cycle battle) felt like it was holding something back, and with heavy use of slow-motion and cool looking acrobatics, the urgency and excitement took a bit of a battering.  For a movie that also showcases some of the best CGI ever created, Bridges’ young alter-ego ‘clu’ – lingers in uncanny valley showing the technology is still way off being entirely convincing.  That being said, as always Bridges is very good, especially when playing his aged self, and has plenty of emotion on display, with suitable support from Garrett Hedlund who carries the movie well and should go on to be a big name himself one day.  Additionally, Olivia Wilde as the spunky programme ‘Quorra’ is also very likable and sexy.

So to conclude this delivers as a visual spectacle and is acceptable pop-corn entertainment, but perhaps with a little more time spent on the story and less on the effects, this could have been truly special.

Verdict:  3.5 /5

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