Viewed – 09 May 2011  Cinema

I was not majorly familiar with the comic as a kid, not like I was say Spider-Man or X-Men etc.  Also when it comes to my comic book taste, I’m more of a DC guy.  Just how I roll.  That being said, and from looking at the trailer, this looked fun.  Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is the air to the throne of Asgard, a mythical world in another dimension ruled over by Odin (Anthony Hopkins).  But on the day of his coronation, Thor’s party is gate crashed by a group of Ice demons from a neighbouring world, provoking Thor and his closest warrior-friends to invade their land and start a war.  This doesn’t go down well with Odin, and so Thor is cast out, stripped of his powers and sent to earth (naturally).

This energetic and enormously entertaining ‘romp’ is jam-packed with humour, well-shot action and likable characters with a quality boo-hiss villain.  Lending support is current hot-property, Natalie Portman who whilst not exactly stretching her acting credentials, is as likable and watchable as ever, and makes for a cute love interest for the man-mountain Thor, who Chris Hemsworth brings to life brilliantly, oozing charisma and star-power.  Tom Hiddleson as Thor’s conflicted brother Loki is also very good and steals many scenes.  Hopkins, screen legend or not, mostly phones his performance in however and is more of a ‘presence’ than anything else.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh (showing another string to his directing bow), this is a perfectly entertaining and fun movie that although adding very little to the ‘fish out of water’ storyline (with echoes of Superman 2), has enough excitement and personality to win over even this somewhat jaded viewer.

Verdict:  4 /5

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