Monsters Vs Aliens

Viewed – 06 May 2011  Blu-ray

When a unasuming woman on the day of her wedding gets hit by a radioactive meteorite, her life is turned upside down as she turns into a giant, captured by the military and housed in a top-secret facility.  There she meets a gang of outcast monster-types, such as a mad scientist turned cockroach, a weird jelly creature, a colossal hamster-looking-thing and a lizard / monkey hybrid, who the government reluctantly turn to when an evil maglomaniac alien invades earth.

This obvious homage to 50’s B-movies like Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman and It Came From Outer Space, was fun, even if the rather ugly art-style was distracting and the voice casting not particularly engaging, with the exception of Hugh Laurie and Seth Rogan.  The action and characters were all entertaining, and there was some good jokes, with certain moments causing me to chuckle (the President doing Axel F, anyone?).  Yet with so many CGI animated movies out there, this one felt at times a little Saturday-afternoon throwaway, with little of the emotion or character depth you’d find in the likes of Toy Story or even Shrek, and as far as animation goes, this one falls way behind those and many others.

Verdict:  2 /5

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