The Interceptor

Viewed – 30 April 2011  DVD

This Russian sci-fi thriller so wants to be The Matrix, it’s painful.  But with a story about as coherent as Shakespeare performed by monkeys, a few stylish explosions, some fancy special effects and a big burly hero cracking skulls, such lofty ambitions are pointless.  This nonsense thriller is something to do with the parallel worlds of the conscious and the subconscious, of a military hero with superhuman abilities tracking a shady businessman who seems possessed by an otherworldly force.  Along the way our hero becomes acquainted with a freelance photographer and also brushes by his ex-girlfriend, now working for the businessman.  It all culminates in a big showdown with tons of effects and flashbacks to another world, and to be honest I couldn’t make head nor tail of it.

To its merit, the movie generally looked pretty cool throughout, the camera work slick and the action very well done.  The effects work was well implemented and added a great deal to proceedings, and the acting wasn’t bad.  It was just the story … which pretty much wasn’t there at all, and caring about what was happening was an uphill struggle.   With the DVD cover boasting ‘from the makers of Day Watch & Nightwatch’, this would be an easy movie to mistakenly pick up, but with little of the talent from those much acclaimed movies actually involved here, and apart from the decent production values – this really isn’t worthy of your time.

Verdict:  2 /5

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