Crysis 2 – final thoughts

I completed the single player campaign of this great game the other night, and apart from a few issues, I had a very satisfying experience.  It’s a good length game, clocking in at over 10 hours when playing on Veteran difficulty, and the locations and different story elements were all very impressive.  Less impressive was some rather annoying bugs, glitches and inconsistent enemy A.I. which did take me out of the game from time to time.  Enemies would get stuck in scenery, or just plain disappear, and other times the sound would act all weird and you were unable to hear your gun firing etc, and the otherwise stunning graphics suffered from very noticeable texture pop-in throughout.  But these were not game-breaking issues at all, and it kept me coming back day after day.  The enemy designs, especially the Ceth aliens were brilliant, and proved more than a match at times, especially the hulking ‘heavy’ aliens and the big robot tripod things.  The set-pieces also were quite epic and well-realised giving the game a big-budget hollywood feel.

For an XBOX 360 game, it’s surely one of the top-tier titles in the looks department, and with impressive lighting, shadow, fire and particle effects, complete with (semi) distructable scenery, this can’t help put keep one’s jaw-dropped throughout.  The multiplayer, which I’ve had time to get into is very enjoyable if you keep on your toes, and with the added use of the nanosuite, it brings a different style of play compared to what you may be used to with the Call Of Duty games.  It may copy that franchise with the awards, unlockables etc but with the Cry Engine 3 behind it, it certainly looks a step up. 

If Crytek could patch the game in the future to sort out the glitches and enemy A.I. then this would easily rival Half-Life 2 for a ground-breaking First Person Shooter experience, but in its current form, whilst still very well made, it lacks the polish to allow it to stand alongside the greats.

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