What are Valve up to?


I’ve made no secret of my complete adoration for Half-Life developer Valve Software.  The often highly secretive games studio, that spawned also the likes of Left For Dead, Counter Strike and Portal franchises have a reputation for teasing hungry game fans with hints to new projects.  Yet the image above, taken by a fan who was able to visit the Valve offices a few weeks ago to find such artwork adorning a wall, teases us once again what the future may hold for Valve’s next release, post-Portal 2.

I for one think the image looks highly Half-Life styled, especially in respect of Half-Life 3.  Now some people have said it could be an all new game, something along the lines of Mass Effect.  Which granted would be cool, but considering the artistic design of Half-Life 2, it’s quite feesable this could be concept art for the next entry in the award-winning and much acclaimed series. 

Consider my fingers well and truly crossed.

More pictures HERE

My review of Half-Life 2

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